Stop Motion

October 8, 2009


Yes, it’s been a while.

When you look at something every day- let’s say, a tree, or a river, or maybe even a toaster- you may not notice anything particular about it, or anything that suggests it has changed at all since the day before and the days before that.  But, if you look at it every single day for a year, or even a month, you may begin to notice certain things change.



In April, I decided to watch the garden grow.  I took a photo (almost) every day for two months, and found it took incredible discipline to do.  I think, “well if I miss a day, it’s no big deal, because it looks the same as it did yesterday… right?”

well no, not really.

In doing this project, I gained a real respect for the discipline of others who have done this type of project.  A great example would be Noah K Everyday, who has taken a picture of himself every day since January 11, 2000.

Many more people have tried similar projects, but none have showed the discipline of Noah K.

myself included.

I did, however, become fascinated with stop-motion photography and tried some other projects that I could summon the patience for.  Here’s a fun example:

This time of year in Fredericton, there is thick fog almost every day down by the river, which gave me the following idea.  I set up near the river and took a picture every 3 seconds for two hours or so, and then watch the fog roll off the river in fast motion.

And here’s my favorite part of the series, and the latest one I’ve done.  It’s from the North side of Fredericton looking past the abutments at downtown Fredericton.

And, here’s another one I did in April of the dam at Keswick Ridge wide open.

2 Responses to “Stop Motion”

  1. graham said

    These are incredible! Thanks for sharing all your hardwork. I certainly don’t have the patience required to sit through the time lapse. I don’t know too much about photography but I can imagine getting the camera’s light settings right would be tricky for as the fog changed.
    And Mikey floating, that’s brilliant.

  2. Muriel said

    These are awesome Paul! What fun! I love Mikey floating ~ too cool! And the fog under the bridge.
    You are such an artist, whatever medium you choose!

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