Magnet of the Tobeatic – Part IV

November 2, 2009

Day 6 – Mink Lake

10-02-09_men's retreat003

My Solo Spot

10-02-09_men's retreat006

10-02-09_men's retreat009

Here’s another look at my hammock spot out on the rocks.

10-02-09_men's retreat013


I went out to the point and found it covered in cranberry bushes. I filled both of my pockets before Mike came to pick me up and take me back to the group.

10-02-09_men's retreat023


After breakfast, we went around the corner and found more cranberries. We grazed for a while before heading on downstream.

10-02-09_men's retreat064

Cranberry pickin'

Here we’re having fun on a little run going into Skudiak Lake.

10-02-09_men's retreat115


Then, the portage into Moose Lake takes us past the old dam site, where only a few faded reminders still exist.

10-02-09_men's retreat127

The Old Dam

10-02-09_men's retreat133


10-02-09_men's retreat136

10-02-09_men's retreat140

If only all portages were as nice as this one.

10-02-09_men's retreat129

If Only...

10-02-09_men's retreat149

10-02-09_men's retreat154

Crain Lake

10-02-09_men's retreat157

10-02-09_men's retreat163

Crain Lake

10-02-09_men's retreat178

Helping Hands

10-02-09_men's retreat184

Brian: our Master Chef

Our last night was spent on Crain Lake.  Here is another nighttime photo I took of Crain Lake.

10-02-09_men's retreat196

last Night

Day 7 – Crain Lake

10-03-09_men's retreat s003

Crain Lake Morning

10-03-09_men's retreat s004

10-03-09_men's retreat s019

10-03-09_men's retreat s022

10-03-09_men's retreat s029

Morning Light on Crain Lake

10-03-09_men's retreat s033

Morning Mist - Crain Lake

10-03-09_men's retreat s035

10-03-09_men's retreat s037

10-03-09_men's retreat s043

Around the Fire

Dad and Barry both were pleased to be able to use their sunglasses on our last day.  Here is proof that there was an instance on this trip where sunglasses were necessary.  It was a beautiful sunny day to send us home.

10-03-09_men's retreat s047


10-03-09_men's retreat s063

A few more runs

First thing, we came through Jones’ Hole, which is one of my favorite parts of this river.  It’s a perfectly round.. well.. hole between two lakes.

10-03-09_men's retreat s076

Jones' Hole

Then we stopped at Horseshoe Falls for a closing and to scout out the run.

10-03-09_men's retreat s068

Horseshoe Falls

And then we were done.  We came to Upset Falls and took out at the bridge and drove back out to Indian Fields Airfield for our last lunch.

10-03-09_men's retreat s077

Bridge at Upset Falls

10-03-09_men's retreat s079

Indian Field

Here, the tiredness finally caught up to us, and I think it hit us like a brick wall, all at the same time.

10-03-09_men's retreat s080

like a brick wall

And we pose for one last group shot before we all head our separate ways.  Thanks to all the men on the trip for a fantastic experience, and thanks for Handford and Brian for inviting me on this adventure with you.  I hope we can continue the legacy of the men’s canoe trip for many years to come.

10-03-09_men's retreat s083

Group Shot

5 Responses to “Magnet of the Tobeatic – Part IV”

  1. Fred said

    Wowie! Some of these places I remember vividly and some are just a blur. The photos do make it look rather easy. They are fantastic pictures. Thanks for sharing and documenting it all for us!

  2. Mike Ross said

    These were life moments that pics can not possibly capture but they are pleasent reminders for those who didn’t have a camera.

    I wondered whether the Tobeatic Wilderness Area should have been submitted to the great canadian song contest. However, I think it best be kept a secret.

  3. Anonymous said

    Here in Kabul, dreaming of home woods and water. Thank you very much for posting your tale and pictures.

  4. Jeff said

    Hello from Kabul. I’ve spent quite a while reviewing your photos and stories. Loved them, and discovered the Loch Alva area through you. Cannot wait to get back home, and just want to say thank you so much.

    • gypsyproductions said

      Hello Jeff! Thanks for reading!

      I’m glad these photos and stories can bring you some comfort from home! The Tobeatic is hands down the place I love the most and feel my best. I haven’t been getting out very much lately, but am going to Loch Alva (just as far as Turtle Mountain) next weekend for a quick fall camping trip to introduce my brother to this place. I hope you get back to the woods soon, and in the meantime, enjoy the stories and photos I’ve compiled here. Thanks for sharing your experience of it! It’s always great to learn that it meant something to someone.


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