Ice Climbing in New Brunswick 1/4 – Mt. Misery

April 28, 2010

I know it’s hard to feel any regret that winter’s on its way out with the weather we’ve been having. The snow is melting, I can see tulips waiting in the wings for that first really warm day to pop up through the soil. On the West Coast it’s been spring since long before the winter Olympics. But I want to take this last chance to show some photos from my new hobby: ice climbing.

I had the opportunity to get out with some great teachers and climbers at the very end of this year’s season, but it was just enough for me to get hooked, and to get some great photos (and a video which will be ready for the public very soon).

Jan 23, 2010 – Mt. Misery, NB


Mt. Misery


In January I had my introduction to the world of ice climbing.  We walked across the frozen Kennebecasis River to a place that goes by the (totally reassuring) name of Mount Misery.


Graham Waugh


I was told that ice climbing is usually very cold, and you have to ‘brave the elements’.  If these are the ‘elements,’ that’s fine by me.




The ice forms where the rock would typically be very wet in the summer.  The runoff melts in the sun, and freezes into icicles.  Then it melts and freezes and repeats the process until huge ice formations cover the rock face.









I was filming on this day, so I don’t have a lot of photos.  I am working on preparing my video for public viewing, and it should be ready soon.  I showed it at Ice Fest in February, but I need to make some final changes before I post it online.  Stay tuned!  UPDATE:  video is now posted under the “Video” tab or click here!




As far as I can tell, there’s nothing miserable about Mt. Misery.



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