Ice Climbing in New Brunswick 2/4 – Truancy Falls

April 28, 2010

Feb 11, 2010 – Truancy Falls, NB

Truancy Falls

Graham told me about this pillar, and that I should really be there to film it when they climbed. Of course, I had no interest in climbing it myself. This was pretty advanced stuff, so I was happy to stay on the “ground.”

Cory and André led the climb in tandem. Again, I was filming, so I will have more of this to show later as well.

As far as we knew, this climb had no name. So we talked for a while about what the name should be. Since this was Thursday and pretty much everyone there had either skipped class (and a few exams) and work to be there, Lucas said it should be called Truancy Falls. None of us Canadians knew what truancy was (well.. at least I didn’t), but we couldn’t come up with a better name, so it stuck. I think it’s growing on us though.

It’s a very photogenic spot, but because of the geography of it, there’s really only one place to take pictures from- directly below the climbers. This makes it look a lot smaller than it actually is, it ensures that all the photos are the classic climbing “butt shots” and it gives you quite the kink in the neck.

As you can see, it was just as steep going down as it is going up. This is what I meant by on the “ground.” It was quite a climb just to get to the base of the pillar.




Look at the trees. That should tell you just about how steep this is. It’s actually overhung and from the top (they told me), you can’t see the base of it.

Look up

I took this photo just to show the angle at which you had to look up to watch the climbers. And that belaying is cold work.



Then we went up into the Gulley past Truancy Falls and played around on the ice in there for a while. I have quite a bit of video of this climbing, again, on the way!

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  1. Andriy said

    Stellar day!
    Wicked, wicked, wicked!

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