Ice Climbing in New Brunswick 3/4 – Ice Fest

April 28, 2010

Feb 20, 2010 – Ice Fest, Minister’s Face, NB

The day after our trip to Loch Alva, Graham and I once again crossed the Kennebecasis River to Minister’s Face for an annual ice climbing celebration, “Ice Fest.”  Ice Fest is a day of climbing followed by a slide show party where everyone shows their climbing photos from the previous year.  I showed my video about Ice Climbing in New Brunswick which will make its way to the web very soon.

As we got closer and closer to the cliffs on the other side, they never seemed to be getting any closer, just bigger and bigger the whole time.  On the left is an ATV, and if you click on the photo, you may be able to see a truck on the right hand side where the ice meets the rock.

Ice Fest

There were plenty of people around Minister’s Face so I knew if my turn would come, it wouldn’t be for a while, so I headed down to where Steve Adamson and Joe Kennedy were checking out a new rock route.

new rock route

And now, just some images from Ice Fest:

drawing a crowd

endless possibilities

my turn

Then my turn finally came and I made the most of it.  I climbed my second, third and fouth climbs ever here.

second climb ever


The fourth climb I did was up the curtain on the right side of this photo.  Graham was climbing the new rock route at that point, so he wasn’t around to document the effort.

Then we headed back across the river for food and drinks at the Adamson’s place.  We were treated to a spectacular sunset, and the food and company that followed was even better.

Go to Part 4: Parlee Brook


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