The Upsalquitch River

May 8 – 10, 2010

the dawn of a new adventure

This trip began just as the one last summer down the Patapedia and Kedgwick Rivers did, at a campsite along the Restigouche River. Well, actually, it began on Friday night with a broken down trailer a half hour outside of Fredericton, a tow-truck, a trailer swap, and then the remaining five hour drive. But the trip began, in my mind, with this scene of my hammock hanging in the trees by the river on Saturday morning, with anticipation hanging in the air for the first paddling trip of the season.


We awoke to a beautiful sunny day, and had breakfast, which had been laid out for us by the earliest birds. Breakfast was a spectacle! The bubbling percolator was constantly being emptied and refilled, and there were oranges, pitas and hummus, and breakfast burritos.

We all hopped on Andre’s bus and Roland once again led us down to the 20 mile of the Upsalquitch. You wouldn’t want to start any higher than we did, except in very high water. This whole river was “new water” for me, but the top few miles, were new for almost everyone here.

Justin provides some entertainment for the bumpy bus ride

the "before" crew

So, sunscreen was applied, and boats were loaded. We’re going to the wilderness!

another beginning

And in this way, another trip begins. Read the rest of this entry »