I’m Paul Maybee, and this is my blog.  It’s going to be about several things, from music and photography to my latest adventures and things I’m just excited about.  My passions are Photography, Music and the great outdoors.  One objective of this site is to provide an outlet for me to share my photography and adventures with you.  I also hope to instill a sense of wonder in you, the reader.  There is so much to explore in our own backyards and I hope to inspire you to get out and see for yourself what a wonderful world we live in.  So like I say, either buy yourself a raincoat, or put on some sunscreen and GO OUTSIDE!

For a closer look as some of my photography, please enjoy my Flickr site:  http://flickr.com/photos/gypsyproductions/


9 Responses to “What the blog?”

  1. Gary Dunfield said

    Will the ice be out of the lakes on April 6?


  2. Beth Johnston said

    we’re off on a canoe trip up north, are you interested d?

  3. John Newcombe said

    Paul wonderful website, We will be visiting Kingsburg in 2 weeks love your shots of the shacks

    • gypsyproductions said

      Hello John,
      Will it be your first time visiting Kingsburg? It is where I grew up, so if you want any insiders tips on what you should check out while you’re there, feel free to contact me. I hope (and I’m certain) you will enjoy it there.


  4. Hi Paul

    It looks like we share the same passions. except that I have no musical talent. I spend alot of time in my canoe. I am sharing my Journey on my web site http://www.canoeshelburne.com I am curious did you find Boundry Rock? I have been speaking with some local paddlers lately who have found it back in the late 70′ or early 80’s but have been back lately and can not find it. I am planing on making a trip up that way in the spring if I can get a few guys together.


  5. Hi, Paul,
    Thanks for your comment on Wild New Brunswick. I’m following your blog now. Love your photos and stories. Let’s keep in touch – maybe you can link to my blog on yours?


    • gypsyproductions said

      Thanks very much Roberta,
      And gladly, I have added your blog to my favorites in the link section. Nice article on Arpin. Soon enough we will all be hitting the water again! I look forward to meeting you, maybe on the water!


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