photo of the day

March 14, 2009

Morning moonrise - Paul Maybee

Morning moonrise - Paul Maybee

This photo was taken on January 22nd on a very cold morning walking to work.  I had just begun to follow the moon’s pattern on a website called Time and date which is a fascinating website and shows the time the moon (and sun) rises, sets, how much of the moon is illuminated, weather, and any other information you could possibly want to know about a day.

This photo is a 1 second time lapse photo, f3.5 at 400 ISO for anyone who wants to know.  I just use trial and error to get good photos, and this one turned out to be something special.



photo of the day

February 26, 2009

Moon January 29, 2009

Moon January 12, 2009 - Paul Maybee

January moon

This is the moon on  January 12th, 2009.  I took this photo from my backyard (parking lot) in Halifax, Nova Scotia.