Hello again!

I figured a new post was in order as it is taking longer than expected to put together the story of the Boundary Rock Expedition earlier in the month.  As far as you knew, I went off in search of Boundary Rock, and never returned.  This post will not be about the trip, but will serve more as an appetiser, a promise that it is on it’s way and maybe a bit of a diversion to buy me more time to finish the photo essay detailing the trip.

In the past few weeks much has happened here.  Since the trip, I have moved to Fredericton, New Brunswick and am settling in here nicely.  The public library is displaying photography of New Brunswick waterfalls which has inspired me to do some more exploring.  The difference here is that it’s all new to me.  I know Fredericton well, but the surrounding area is still uncharted territory.  So, I became inspired by this display and found the lovely blog:  Waterfalls of New Brunswick.  I have spent the last week or so exploring the region, mostly searching for these waterfalls and hiking through the outskirts of Fredericton and the beauty of it amazes me.  This being said, I would like to expand the focus of this blog to the maritime provinces, as I am no longer a resident of Nova Scotia (although in my heart it will always be home) and now I will begin to explore some places that are new to me.

Now, you’ve probably come to this site to see some photos, and certainly not to hear me babble on…  so let’s cut to the chase, shall we?

Retired Row Boat

Retired Row Boat

A boat, left alongside a river near Port Elgin, NB, fades away into the long grass.

Abandoned PEI

Abandoned NB - In the Shadow

Driving along the road from Shediac to the Confederation Bridge and on to Charlottetown there are an incredible number of abandoned houses.  I was here picking up my sister from University, so I didn’t have all day to explore, but I did manage to stop and get Read the rest of this entry »