The Magnet of the Tobeatic – Part II

November 2, 2009

Day 4 – Sisketch Lake

Day 4 began early on Sisketch Lake.  Brian and I had risen early and decided to take a morning paddle through the silent giants in the morning mist and watch the sunrise from the lake.  Words can’t describe this beauty, so here’s a collection of photos from the Sisketch Sunrise:

First, I’ll start with some photos from the nighttime.  These are about 20 second exposures with the moonlight hitting the rocks and trees.

9-29-09_men's retreat156

Midnight Moonlight

9-29-09_men's retreat159

Midnight Moonlight

9-29-09_men's retreat162

Midnight Moonlight

9-30-09_men's retreat001

Morning Begins

9-30-09_men's retreat002

Mist on Sisketch

9-30-09_men's retreat004

9-30-09_men's retreat005

9-30-09_men's retreat015


9-30-09_men's retreat016

9-30-09_men's retreat021

9-30-09_men's retreat022

First Light

9-30-09_men's retreat039

9-30-09_men's retreat041

9-30-09_men's retreat047

9-30-09_men's retreat049

Barry’s timing couldn’t have been better for this next photo as he silently glided through the scene.

9-30-09_men's retreat059

Barry glides by

9-30-09_men's retreat075

9-30-09_men's retreat086

9-30-09_men's retreat088

9-30-09_men's retreat093

9-30-09_men's retreat108

9-30-09_men's retreat111

9-30-09_men's retreat114

9-30-09_men's retreat120

I think this one has Leon in it.  Click on the photo for a larger version.

9-30-09_men's retreat138

9-30-09_men's retreat157

Brian and I found the campsite I had stayed at in April on the Boundary Rock trip.  I took some photos of the sun coming up and remembered doing the exact same thing on the morning of April 13th.

9-30-09_men's retreat164


And here’s where I had hung my hammock.  It looked a little different then.

9-30-09_men's retreat172

Hammock spot

This beautiful bright mushroom sprung up in the spot where Rob had served up his black bean and ham soup.

9-30-09_men's retreat177

On our way back, we met more people on the water.  Here, Leon is taking some photos of the morning mist on Sisketch.

9-30-09_men's retreat194

Leon on the Water

9-30-09_men's retreat201

Returning to the campsite, we looked up to see that a fire had been started and all the men back at camp were standing around it, each holding an article of clothing to dry.

9-30-09_men's retreat205

Morning Fire

I thought as well, I’d retake the photos I took at night (at the beginning of this post) during the day:

9-30-09_men's retreat212

Daytime photos

9-30-09_men's retreat213

Daytime photos

Jim explains to us how bedrock is formed.

9-30-09_men's retreat218

"...all in the batter.."

We pack up camp and hit the water again, taking a leisurely detour around the rocks to get a closer look.  We all switch up paddling partners again and I get a chance to paddle with my dad.  Here, we’re getting a closer look at the whale.

9-30-09_men's retreat223

Paddle with Dad

9-30-09_men's retreat224

In the mouth of the whale

9-30-09_men's retreat236


9-30-09_men's retreat239


Brian and Mike reflecting (on life) in the water.

9-30-09_men's retreat254

From Sisketch Lake we entered House Lake Brook which meanders between beautiful brightly colored trees.

9-30-09_men's retreat268

House Lake Brook

This tree is really quite remarkable.  I guess I thought so in April as well when I took this photo.  It looked a little different in the snow.

9-30-09_men's retreat284

Dad at House Lake Brook

We stopped for a well deserved lunch at the end of a portage in the middle of House Lake Brook.

9-30-09_men's retreat298


And then to Junction Lake.  It’s a lot easier in the photos than in real life.  Here’s a similar photo from April.

9-30-09_men's retreat303

Junction Lake

I mentioned to Brian after the fact that coming into Junction Lake and especially setting up at our old campsite feels like coming home.  This is a really cool photo of the sun breaking through the clouds right above a canoe on Junction Lake.

9-30-09_men's retreat314

Junction Lake

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One Response to “The Magnet of the Tobeatic – Part II”

  1. Leon said

    Your photos of Sisketch Lake are absolutely gorgeous! Just like I remembered it. Definitely the highlight of the trip for me.

    Thanks for putting together these albums – they’re really great! 🙂

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