The Magnet of the Tobeatic – Part III

November 2, 2009

Day 5 – Junction Lake

We start our day on Junction Lake and as we set out, Brian gives us an inspirational reading from the shore.

10-01-09_men's retreat009

Thought of the Day

We visited the point where the current county lines (Yarmouth, Shelburne, Queens and Digby) converge.  There is a boulder there which marks this point, but it is not boundary rock.  Oh no.

10-01-09_men's retreat012

"Boundary" Rock

10-01-09_men's retreat013

10-01-09_men's retreat020

Group Shot at the "Junction"

After we explored the junction point, we went back out on the water and did some more exploring, finding this huge erratic on one of the islands in the lake.

10-01-09_men's retreat025

Huge Erratic on Junction Lake

Marty and I both got out of the canoe at th same time, and I guess we both figured the other had a hold on the canoe, because it took a little float down the lake, until it was rescued by Brian and Phil.

10-01-09_men's retreat026

Runaway Canoe

This is the view from the top of the rock.

10-01-09_men's retreat030

View from the top

10-01-09_men's retreat038

Once we left Junction Lake, we entered the Roseway River.

10-01-09_men's retreat042

Roseway River

As I’m busy taking pictures, my paddling partner, Marty, waits patiently on the shore for me to pick him up.

10-01-09_men's retreat055

Marty Waiting for a ride

Take a look back in the woods in this photo, where a huge erratic sits among the trees.

10-01-09_men's retreat065


There are some places we could have used a bit more water, but we tried our best to get through.

10-01-09_men's retreat089

water level

We had to go around Halfmoon stream anyway, because of the water level, but this sweeper would have made it un-runnable regardless of water level.  Here’s a photo of it with more water.

Sweeper on Halfmoon Stream

10-01-09_men's retreat107


I didn’t have a chance to look at the stream in April, so I took the opportunity to walk up the stream and take some photos of the impassable stream.  There were some obstacles to overcome though, including these thorns, which grew everywhere.

10-01-09_men's retreat117


10-01-09_men's retreat128

Halfmoon Stream

10-01-09_men's retreat131

10-01-09_men's retreat134

10-01-09_men's retreat135

10-01-09_men's retreat136

10-01-09_men's retreat150


10-01-09_men's retreat152

Foam Patterns

All the hard work and fresh air had us all in high spirits.  Here, dad enjoys a turn at the bow after the Halfmoon portage.

10-01-09_men's retreat155

High Spirits

Barry and Handford take it easy.  Really easy.

10-01-09_men's retreat166


I took a break and laid down on the floor in the bow, while Marty paddled me around Grass Lake.

10-01-09_men's retreat181


We decided to carry our gear to the end of a portage and then run down it with empty canoes.  It was great for morale and nice after all this hard work, to do something that was just fun.  I think Leon got ahold of my camera and took some pictures as we came through the little run.

10-01-09_men's retreat188

Roseway Run - Mike and Jim

10-01-09_men's retreat209

Dad and I on a run

10-01-09_men's retreat215


As the day drew to a close, we entered Mink Lake, or Club Mink as some like to call it, for its luxurious feel after “roughing it” for several days.  Mink Lake’s campsite is the most established site in the Tobeatic and is situated on a sandy beach on Mink Lake.

10-01-09_men's retreat225

Mink Lake

This night, three of us went out to do a solo overnight.  We first went to find and prepare the spots each of us would be sleeping.  We helped Leon sweep the beach where he would set up his tent.

10-01-09_men's retreat232

Preparing a Site

As the sun set over Mink Lake, we set up our sites, then headed back to camp.

10-01-09_men's retreat249


10-01-09_men's retreat267

Leon's solo site

10-01-09_men's retreat271Club Mink Moon

And some more nighttime shots before I had off to my solo spot.

10-01-09_men's retreat274

First Stars

10-01-09_men's retreat275

Night time

Once we got to my spot, I set up my hammock and took some night photos of the lake and my spot in the moonlight.

10-01-09_men's retreat281


10-01-09_men's retreat292

10-01-09_men's retreat293

10-01-09_men's retreat298

Self Portrait

Across the lake, I watched the campfire light flicker through the trees and reflect on the still lake.

10-01-09_men's retreat304


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4 Responses to “The Magnet of the Tobeatic – Part III”

  1. Bill Thompson said

    Glad to see your pics and that you were in again. I note your picture of the junction is a big rock. I hadtaken a pic from the helecopter of a pile of stones on the lake shore that is assumed to be Junction of Counties. Rocks appeared to be 6 ft high and 6 feet from shore in a pile. Did you find the big rock east of Big Dispatch Lake?

  2. Bill Thompson said

    More questions. Did you get a coordinate of the Junction point on the lake? Was there a survey mark on the rock or any identification marks? Does the plotting on the Tobeatic Map at the NW point of the Lower Junction Lake seem Accurate?

  3. Joseph Ross Mayhew said

    Awesome photographic essay!!! Makes me want to head out into the wilderness tomorrow…. sigh: if i could afford it, i most definitely would. Am listening to the CBC documentary on how the Rock was re-discovered: pretty darn cool i must say. Keep up the adventure, and many thanks for posting this on the web for everyone to enjoy.

    • gypsyproductions said

      Thanks for your comment! Glad to inspire adventure in others this way. Also be sure to check out the Boundary Rock story. I am also working on a film about this trip.


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